French Fries $2.95

Cozy's Fruit Roll (4) $3.95
Apples, Banana, and young coconut flakes fried in spring roll wrap. Served with a creamy sweet milk based sauce.

Spring Roll (3) / Egg Rolls (2) $3.95
Vegetable fried spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce.

Golden Rangoon (4) $3.95
Fried wonton skin filled with cream cheese. Served with sweet & sour sauce.

Veggie Dumpling (5) or Chicken Dumplings (5) $3.95
Served with ginger soy source.

Curry Puff (4) $3.95
Fried wonton skin stuffed with ground chicken, sweet potato, onion, yellow curry. Served with sweet and sour sauce.

Eda Ma Me $4.50
Steamed soy bean pods sprinkled with salt.

Fresh Basil Roll (2) $4.50
Fresh basil, sprout, lettuce, carrot wrapped with rice paper. Served with tamarind sauce.

Crispy Crab Meat Cheese Roll (2) $4.50
Served with sweet and sour sauce.

Fried Tofu $4.50
Deep fried tofu served with a sweet-sour sauce topped with ground peanuts.

Thai Fish Cake $5.95
Ground fish is spiced with fresh kaffir lime leaf and red curry paste and fried. Served with sweet chili sauce.

Sea Breeze $5.95
A special Seaweed salad with sesame seed, sesame oil, and sea salt.

Chicken Satay (4) $6.50
Marinated, tender chicken breast with Thai herbs, grilled on skewers. Served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

Chicken Tenders (4) $6.50

Golden Shrimp with Fries $6.95
Shrimp and baby corn wrapped in thin roll, deep fried to golden shade. Served with sweet and sour sauce.

Chicken Wings $6.95
Chicken winds deep fried and served with a sweet and spicy sauce.

Squid Salad $6.95
Sliced Squid mixed in a Japanese sauce with seaweed, pepper, and scallion.

Fried Calamari $7.95
With light black pepper and salt, served with sweet chili sauce.


Chicken, Shrimp, Vegetable, or Tofu
Reg. $3.50 Pot $8.99

Coconut Soup
With mushroom and a dash of green onion.

*Tom Yum Soup
Lemon grass, lime leaves, and other herbs delicately balanced in this famous Thai style hot and sour soup.

House Soup
Clear vegetable broth soup with carrot, broccoli and onion.

Wonton / Rice Soup
Clear vegetable broth soup with wonton or rice.


Chicken, Tofu Vegetable, or Beef $10.95
Shrimp or Vegetarian Chicken $12.95

*Pangang Curry with rice
Mild flavored with basil, broccoli, and bell peppers.

*Masaman Curry with rice
A sweet curry with onion, potato, carrot, and cashew nut.

*Yellow Curry
Indian influenced yellow curry flavor. Comes with onion, carrot, potato, and jalapeño peppers.

*Rama Curry (rice or noodles)
A very famous dish with a rich coconut-curry sauce and toss of crushed peanut. Served on steamed broccoli and cabbage.

*Green or Red Curry (rice or noodles)
A traditional Thai curry with a blend of sweet and spicy with bamboo strips, bell pepper, basil, and Eggplant.


Enjoy one of your signature dishes for a truly unique Thai Cuisine

BANGKOK Chicken ($11.95) or Shrimp ($15.95)
Boneless Chicken or shrimp stir with carrots, broccoli and bell peppers in a delicious red curry coconut sauce. Topped with roasted cashew nut.

MANGO Chicken ($11.95) or Shrimp ($15.95)
A riot of flavors with sweet mango chunks and jalapeños in spicy tamarind sauce.

Perfect blend of sweet, sour, and garlic flavors.





*We offer most of our dishes vegetarian style. Please inform us if you are allergic or have special dietary requirements.


Chicken, Tofu Vegetable, or Beef $9.95
Shrimp or Vegetarian Chicken $11.95
Seafood or Combination of Proteins $13.95

1. Pad Thai
Rice noodle, eggs, bean sprouts, ground peanut, roasted garlic, in special sweet and sour sauce.

2. Drunken Noodle
Curly Angel hair noodles stir fried with onions, basil, bell pepper, and carrots in brown sauce.

3. Pad See U
Rice noodles, broccoli, carrots, onions, and eggs in a brown sauce.

4. Pad Woon Seen
Onions eggs, celery, mushroom, and carrot stir-fry with glass noodle in light soy.

5. Lo Mein
Lo Mein noodles tossed with carrots, onions, and broccoli.

6. Tom Kha Noodle
Rice noodle with mushroom, carrot, onion, and cilantro served in coconut soup.

7. Tom Yum Noodle
Rice noodle version of Pad Thai in Tom Yum soup.

8. Thai Noodle or Rice Soup
Rice noodles, bean sprouts, scallions, and roasted garlic in a clear broth.

9. Thai Fried Rice
Stir fried with eggs, onions, broccoli and carrots.

10. Basil Fried Rice or Noodle (Pad Ki Mao)
Stir fried with bell pepper, carrots, basil, and onions.

11. Spicy Spaghetti
Onions, basil, bell peppers, and tomatoes, tossed with spaghetti in special red chili garlic sauce.

12. Fresh Basil Leaves
Stir fried with carrots, basil, onions, and bell peppers.

13. Roasted Garlic
Fresh ground garlic in roasted red onion sauce. Served on top of fresh lettuce.

14. Ginger
Stir fried with onions, celery, carrot, and mushroom.

15. Cashew Nut or Almond
Tossed with onion and bell peppers in spicy garlic sauce.

16. Vegetable
Mixed vegetable stir fry in light soy.

17. Broccoli
Stir fry with carrots and onions in brown sauce.

18. Teriyaki
Stir fry with mixed vegetables in teriyaki sauce.

19. Pineapple Fried Rice
Authentic fried rice with pineapple, tomatoes, onions, scallions, and carrots.

20. Spicy Basil Eggplant
Bell pepper, carrots, onions, and basil leaves in garlic basil sauce.